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image This website is about a PhD research on participatory art and craft in education with a strong emphasis on the craft aspect.

It summarises the project of the research, called Wisening Gate, and my 18-years of practice in facilitating participatory art and craft projects. Two decades of teaching experience substantiate, including art and craft, Waldorf Education and Forest School. Research skills gained at post graduate level (Gifted and Talented Underachievers, Middlesex University) support the process. Wood sculptures and sculptural installations are the main profile of my art practice that encompasses the skills required for facilitating participatory art and craft projects. An extensive understanding of portal was developed during the study of Fine Art at MA level at the University of Brighton. Recently, the project of The Schoodio, which is also known as the Carving schoodio of Ryedale and Home of Participatory Craft, began to emerge as the successor to this research.

It is also a visual record of my journey with my PhD in the interdisciplinary field of socially engaged art and education. I began my studies in 2015 and now I am near completion. The research went through various stages and changes on the way. Here, though the material is largely updated, there are imprints of the previous stages, particularly in the terminology. All aspects of this study are conducted from an a/r/tographer's point of view, and as such both artistic and educational characteristics are assiduously explored.

This research is aimed to be shared with practitioners in the field of arts and crafts, with the hope of being an inspiring resource. It may also initiate relevant discussions.

I am pleased to be contacted by fellow practitioners and researchers regarding the contents of this website.

Zita Ra